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her class and first Self-Skill were "uso denwa" (fake call and while I made the skill simply "Fake a Call". That is a ridiculous name, so I came up with the best possible pun. Magic Dagger's description noted the similarity between (magic power) and (magic sword). Its made in Utah. I ended up keeping the name Meiji Staff, but its probably a pun on "Mage Staff". It was (literally "True Sword" yes, again which can also be read as "serious/earnest".

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Priscilla is kind of a pun on "prison cell". Selphie's name was originally "Hightech". Not like the pet, but from "cheer". Broad Sword was, a joke on how "tachi" is written, which literally means "fat sword". (Not to mention one of her skills is named "Appeal" as a pun.). The "My First Dagger!" and "Dagger" relationship was originally based on a Japanese homophone pun. Priscilla was just "Prizun". I am able to do outcalls outside of those hours, but only with advanced notice. Just felt it was better to replace that one. So that worked pretty well. Marry me!" (Take) My Sword For It is a modified pun, but it remains somewhat intact. Smile Bow was (Thousand Bow senkyuu, so the description joked about it sounding like "thank you". Spear It was "yarikiru which contains "spear" (yari) and means "to do something to completion".


Quiero verte acabar, masajista escort service en caracas Twitter canelavip23. (Demon Sword) maken, and the description said maken in the "I wont lose" sense. But tachi used it to joke about "finishing up alone" in the description, because of course he would. So, I mean, its totally the same thing, right? I decided to make her class "Cell Phony.". Apil and Yomi are from an old platformer called Full Swing. The Master Bracelet was the "Sages Bracelet and its description was simply "Whew." (And so it was before I got the reference.) This is in reference to "sage time a term for the period of exhaustion after a guy ejaculates.Yeah. The Whipper was "mucchi" in reference to "mucchimuchi a word for supple skin, usually in reference to sexy women. Although actually, it may be intended to be "Tia". (Tanken) can mean "exploration" or "dagger but is unquestionably "dagger". sport massage stockholm escort in gothenburg

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